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Corporate Café, Inc. first opened in September of 1992. We took over a failing operation at One Corporate Drive, Andover, MA, which was being managed by another food service company. Our objective was obvious, to turn the failing operation around into a quality cafeteria. We not only achieved our goal of increasing sales but we also had a foundation to build on. We built this company from the ground up and achieved this by following two simple rules:

To serve the highest quality food at competitive prices.
To have customer service second to none.

With these two main ingredients in place our company continued to prosper. We have since opened 15 more locations and are committed to their excellence. We look forward to taking on new challenges and thrive on helping facility and property managers to accomplish their food service goals.

Corporate Café takes pride in operating full service cafeterias. Our system allows our customers to be confident in their purchase. The following are the building blocks on which our company has grown over the years.

·Creating a price conscious menu that will satisfy the tastes and needs of the employees. Corporate Café realizes the differences in customer tastes and takes pride in having hundreds of homemade items and recipes that are standardized at all of our locations.

·Corporate Café enjoys the task of creating a distinctive menu of catering specialties for each customer along with our standard catering menu. Through our experience of serving thousands of people, we have found it to be quite successful to deal with each customer on a one on one basis. This gives both Corporate Café and the customers a chance to look at their needs for that particular occasion and make the right choices for a spectacular event that the employees will not forget.

·Corporate Café realizes the challenge of keeping in touch with the new and exciting changes that are ever occurring in the food service industry. We enjoy the challenge of being on the cutting edge and serving our customers not only the “old favorites” of the past but to also enlighten people of the food that is being enjoyed world wide today.

· Unlike most food operations, Corporate Café requires each location to use our specific recipes and systems. We have found this to be an advantage to our customers. We do realize that through changing cafeteria personnel we need to ensure that our customers are still being served the same high quality food no matter who prepares it. Standardized recipes ensures the customer of the product that they are getting. The customer knows exactly what they are getting every time they purchase an item.
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